Jack Humphrey, Engineering Leader

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Hi! I'm Jack. Here's some stuff about me.

Over 25 years as a software developer and leader. Currently Eng Director for LinkedIn. Previously at Google (Director) and Indeed (VP). Happily based in Austin, Texas.

BS Computer Science from Brown University

Professional interests:
* data analysis and data-driven decision making
* distributed software and service architectures
* development process
* open source software
* databases
* programming (most experienced in Java, JavaScript, Python)

Personal interests:
* books
* movies
* comics
* photography
* being a good dad

Sometimes I give talks.

Many many more words in my resume.

Mastodon @[email protected]
Twitter (deprecated) @youknowjack
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/leejack
GitHub github.com/youknowjack
Medium @youknowjack