Jack Humphrey, Engineering Leader

Hi! I'm Jack. Here's some stuff about me.

Currently Eng Director for Google. Previously VP Eng for Indeed. Happily based in Austin, Texas.

Over 25 years as a software developer/leader at Indeed, Google (twice), Coremetrics, Reactivity, Trilogy, and EBT/Inso

BS Computer Science from Brown University

Professional interests:
* data analysis and data-driven decision making
* distributed software and service architectures
* development process
* open source software
* databases
* programming (most experienced in Java, JavaScript, Python)

Personal interests:
* books
* movies
* comics
* photography
* being a good dad

Sometimes I give talks.

Many many more words in my resume.

Twitter @youknowjack
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/leejack
GitHub github.com/youknowjack
Medium @youknowjack