I Don't Read Books

Guiding Principles for Building a Leadership Style

Austin CTO Summit: April 9, 2019

In 2018, I had the honor of speaking at the inaugural Austin CTO Summit (link). I was very excited to get the chance to speak at this great single-track conference again in 2019. Abstract, video, and slides follow.


How did you bootstrap yourself into your first management role? How did you develop a leadership style over time? Chances are you didn't do it all by yourself. You had mentors, role models, training classes, and a plethora of books recommended by your colleagues.

Maybe you've read every one of those recommended books on management and leadership. Or maybe, like the speaker, you've read quite a few first chapters and felt guilty for neglecting the rest.

In this talk, Jack Humphrey (VP Engineering) will share how he developed his own approach to management and leadership. He will discuss the value of mentors and role models and suggest ways to harness your intuition to evaluate and incorporate shared wisdom. He will provide insight into his own guiding principles for being a useful leader.

He might even recommend some books.



Slides are available: PDF, PowerPoint

If you're curious, here's the email exchange that inspired the talk.

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